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Okay, So I’m Starting Again…


As anyone that wants to lose weight can tell you… There are a lot of ups and downs. Many obstacles to avoid and hills of motivation to gain.

I say this as I turn 50 and I have that ever present, “It’s now or never!” voice in my head. I know that it is not going to be easy, as it is never easy the older you get, but the motivation is there. Read more…

One Pedal Forward… One Walk Back



Well, to be honest, I am surprised that the bike lasted this long before breaking down! Carrying my extra weight around for the past month could not have been easy. I am just glad that the chain snapped not far from home.

I have been getting a lot of use out of my bike and with a few minor fixes it will be up and running in no time. This is not a reason to give up the exercise ghost and sit down a watch reality TV for the afternoon.

In fact, it has inspired me to do more!

In a more direct approach to getting myself to move more, I have positioned my treadmill to where my lounge chair used to be in the living room. I don’t necessarily need to do a full workout every single time I watch TV, but just to keep moving while I watch an episode of Mad Men or Ellen, is better than just laying back in the lounger!


I did not come to this decision easily. In fact, it took about 3 weeks of thinking in my head, “I really should move the treadmill in front of the TV!” And then one day I just stopped procrastinating and did it.

There are many setbacks when you want to exercise… Most of the time, they begin with you. Instead of thinking that you should do something, just do it now and get it over with. Moving the treadmill took a while, but now, to move it away from in front of the TV would take more of an effort and make me realize what I was doing and make me realize that I was giving up.

The process of losing weight and exercising more is a painfully slow process, but with little changes, and not thinking about the setbacks, we can make it!


Big “Weight” For An Update


Alright, I was waiting to see if I could mange to totally screw up this weight-loss thing within the first two weeks, so that is why I held off on posting. I usually get so hyped up. Get all my food ready, plan my exercise routine and then after about three days, I’m like, “Screw this, Let’s go get a cheesecake!”

It didn’t happen that way, this time. I have actually stayed on the Weight Watchers plan and at the end of my second week, I have lost an incredible 14.2 pounds!

So far, I have been eating pretty much what I have wanted to and I have gone out to eat… a lot. This is sounding like a commercial for WW, but it’s not. I will leave the paid endorsements to Charles Barkley and Jennifer Hudson.

My exercise routine started out great, but then by the third day, I realized that I had a heel spur on my left foot, which was making it difficult to walk…my main form of exercise. I know I will have to get back to it, but for now, my doctor has given me exercises and orthopedic devices to help alleviate some of the pain.

I will go into detail about what I am eating in later posts, but for now, for me, the biggest change in starting to lose weight was my mind. That I felt like now was the time to do something. I could not stay the same shape. If you are trying to lose weight, your mindset cannot be, “I should lose weight.” I has to be, “I have to lose weight.” And I know that people lose weight for many different reasons: family, health, fitting into a new bathing suit. When it comes down to it, losing weight has to be for you. That was the trigger that went off in my mind and hopefully it will for you too.

Have a great week!


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