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A Goal in Mind


So when I set out to get into better shape about two months ago, I never thought I would already have in my mind to participate in a 5K! Let me say I am “entertaining the thought” of participating. 

I am down over twenty pounds and I am already starting to feel better. Maybe when the blood flows faster through your body, it means that more blood is going to my brain and making my brain come up with these crazy ideas!

Everyday that I am walking and losing weight though, is another day longer than I thought I would last. So to be even thinking about walking in a 5K is huge for me. But to have goals when you are losing weight seems to be essential to the process.

When I first started, I promised to get outside of my house for twenty minutes a day. So I started walking. Then I thought, hey, twenty minutes works out to be about a mile. So I promised myself to walk at least a mile a day. Then I just increase it to two and now three.

It wasn’t until I realized that a 5K is actually 3.11 miles that I thought, well heck, maybe I could do this!

I have a lot of friends that do the races at Disney, or here in Tampa, the Gasparilla 5K. So they have inspired me to take a chance! So fingers crossed!

Any advice on walking in a 5k for the first time would be greatly appreciated!






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