It's My Life…

It's Knauer Never!

Today My Life Begins


Just a little Monday Motivation…

Sometimes when you you are on a path to change yourself and make better choices, there are hurdles that you don’t even see. Mine is planning on working out, but just saying let me just watch a little television first. Then three hours later, I haven’t worked out, I feel like a lazy bum and I am depressed because I let an opportunity pass me by.

Nobody is a fan of Mondays, but to me, it is a start of a new week when anything is possible. I may have not done everything I wanted to last week, but now the slate has been wiped clean and I can begin again.

So in the words of one of my favorite Bruno Mars‘ songs… Today My Life Begins.

Whether you are reading this in the morning or at night… Make this a mantra to do better today, no matter what happened yesterday. You can do it!

For more Positive Songs, join my Spotify page here!




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