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It All Started With A Green Smoothie

In all actuality, I started thinking about getting healthier a few months ago. I was on Pinterest of all places and  I saw a picture of a green smoothie…

Linda, please don’t sue me for stealing your photo!

At first I was disgusted, but as I read about this strange elixir and it’s ingredients, I started to think. “Hey, I could drink that!” I mean, it was mostly fruit and a little bit of spinach. The fruit would have to overpower the taste of spinach so even I could choke it down, right?

I really liked Linda Wagner’s blog where I first saw the green smoothie and started following her. I have to admit, I am not at her healthy level of eating, but a person has to start somewhere. She has great tips and recipes too!

At the time, I did not want to make the commitment of a 200.00 to 300.00 mixer. As we all know in losing weight and getting healthy, commitments are sometimes short lived. I didn’t want to fail and then even worse, have 300.00 juicer mocking me from the kitchen. So I went looking for another option.

My wife and I, have always been a fan of the Magic Bullet; a late-night infomercial staple of how to make milkshakes, smoothies and chopped items. We have had one for a few years and it did its job perfectly, but we wanted something a little stronger that could chop up the fruit and veggies and not lose the vitamins of the skin and fiber.

I was very happy to find the next generation online… The Nutri-Bullet.

Now this is not an advertisement, I am not getting paid…(Nutri-Bullet people, hint, hint) But I am just passing along something that works for me. A compact and inexpensive way to get my daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

As an example, I took some pictures of my breakfast yesterday. I just chopped up a plate of fruit… bananas, kiwi, pineapple, apple, blueberries, grapes and of course the spinach!

Yes, all this will fit it the Nutri-Bullet!

It takes about five minutes to chop it all up and a minute to blend it. A very delicious “Nutri-blast” in under 10 minutes.

Not as green as the original, but I added blueberries that darken it!

Along with being a great health option, the community that have a Nutri-Bullet are very loyal and dedicated. There are recipe books and Facebook pages for recipes. Everything from smoothies to soups etc.

As I said before, I am not making any money from the company, I am just telling you what has worked for me. As I have said in previous postings, I am on the Weight Watchers program and a fruit shake like this is ZERO points and is very filling. And also, I am down another 2 pounds this week!

So go do whatever keeps you on the path to better health. I have found mine. Good luck to you as well!

And let me know if you have a juicer or even a Nutri-Bullet. I would love to hear about your experiences too!


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2 thoughts on “It All Started With A Green Smoothie

  1. Pat Hogue on said:

    I just got my Nutri Bullet and prepared the Toxin Cleanser. Only problem not everything fit in the cup. I had to use less of one ingredient blended that then added the banana. I filled past the Max line by accident. What do you do in cases when not everything fits?

    • Pat,
      Are you using the small or the large cups? I found that when I first started, I was using large fruits, like Red Delicious apples and navel oranges… I then tried smaller ones and they fit. If not, just use less and then freeze the leftovers! Good luck and let me know how you make out!

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